About “rojocuarzo”:

The term “rojocuarzo” is the artistic pseudonym of me, Jose Carlos Garcia Bueno. It means “red quartz” and it has a personal meaning.

My work is mainly focused on a particular study of Nature and, above all, it is on different topics I am passionate about  as Geology, Paleontology, Systems of Symbols, Cinema … Always experimenting to create a mineral, rusty texture and deteriorated by the passage of time, because… well… we all know that time does not respect even the hardest rocks, does it?

Illustrations are based on a wide range of issues of similar kind from paintings: as you can see, Nature, Geology, Cinema… are again present but also the Adventure Classical Literature (mainly nineteenth century), pain, life, death … To perform these artworks normally I am using various mixed techniques: as in war and love, also in art anything goes if the final result make you happy.

Since childhood, one of my hobbies is to write stories. And the language of comics is a very attractive vehicle for this. Currently, I am working hard to improve my drawing, get a own graphic style and, above all, refine my script writing. In my opinion, it is a hard job because the graphic novel has its own basic rules which must be respected in some way to communicate the script efficiently. So, that is what I am doing now: fighting against those rules!

Finally, to say that I studied black and white photography in England, and Photography is one of my artistic passions, though the least cultivated. Actually, I was hesitating to show my pictures on this personal website because, in fact, it is just one more tool that I use in my creative process. Anyway, hope you like them as the rest of my graphical work.

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Thank you very much for your visit!