Little book of stories

In this book (image in actual size) I keep a handful of stories (around thirty of them for now), and step by step I will turn them into comics and amuse you if you want to read them, of course. Nowadays, I prefer telling stories than painting pictures. I have other scripts written by, in single sheets and stored in folders but in this book are more orderly and traceable. I make comics and graphic novels on and off since I was a child (I promise to publish some of my stories I did when I was five or six years old … Just for laugh! Although … when I read them I miss the freshness and innocence of childhood. It´s when I understand what Picasso meant when he said: “All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist to grow. How to stay as a child once it has grown”). I had never considered telling these stories and drawing them a serious plan. Last year I made an attempt to carry out a complete graphic novel (I called it “El Jefe Tika-Tika” –“The Tika Tika Boss”-), and even I presented it in a contest but the result was not satisfactory. But I will not surrender easily. I’ll report about any changes or whatever other step forward I manage, so please… Stay tuned!