“The Tika-Tika Boss”

"El Jefe Tika-Tika"

Here you can see one of the selected cover (using pencil, ink, and digital media) for my graphic novel “El Jefe Tika-Tika” (“The Tika-Tika Boss”, translated into English). All the script is finished (96 text  pages), and the first sixteen pages of drawings are fully completed. I will translate this script into English soon. There are a lot of pencil sketches of the following sixteen pages, and that´s it. The script is divided into eight chapters and tells the story of Tamilakshmi Mandadapu Tilak, a man of Indian origin, ambitious and humble origins who struggle by every means in their power to reach a higher social status in their community. To get this, he migrates to an European country and there he stages a shoe company, beginning his professional career and life, full of conflicts, funny and bizarre. Most of the approach of the text and the vision of all the characters are in third person, like an entomologist tell the story looking through a magnifying glass from the outside. I know this gives more coldness but this distance has allowed me to tell things without value judgments, providing more freedom and power to be politically incorrect if I wished. I hope to finish this graphic novel someday. Now it cannot be, of course, since I am engaged with another story, which I have already finished the script and, in my point of view, it is much more exciting, promising and personal. Any more news I´ll show them over here.