“The Lift”

Ever happened to you that you  came into a lift with a stranger and there was a silence, a rare and uncomfortable tension in the environment? That is, a situation in which there was nothing interesting to say, or the beginning of the conversation was more than hackneyed paths of style like: “Oh, this crazy weather!” Or “Hi, are you going to have a walk? “Or “Look my mailbox: only receive damned bills! ” Or anyone in the lift began to hum a music that even himself or herself does not know what kind of music is!!

Well, basically that was the inspiration for writing and drawing this story, but exaggerating its outcome, of course.

Futher down, you can see one of the cover I made for this story. There are three buildings (referring to the three characters in the comic) and an-identified-flying-object (yes, an IFO; at least I hope it is, but you better read the two pages and you can imagine what it is…).
Please, look also at the beginning of the comic: story begins with a vignette open, and in the next two or three is closing the line (a small detail to indicate the status of sealed chamber in which are the protagonists and where there is no escape).

I must confess that with this story I am much happier than “The Tika-Tika Boss” because it is more personal. I mean, I recognize my style much better because it is more accurate, I like the thematic (the influence of my beloved cinema, as usual) and the drawing style used.

So, finally, this is one of my comics based on the stories from my black book. It is called “The Lift”, and you can read it over here.

The Lift

I hope you enjoy it!!